Thursday, 18 May 2017

Cybersmart Personal Profile

Today Rm6 was learning about Personal Profile it's about what you do online . For example if you put all of your details online like where you live, bank account, home address, phone number and your family details and thats not cool. This is what I wrote about my self  :

My name is Mahaleah and I’m from New Zealand . I have a dog named Zion and he is a charpain. He likes to play with his bowling ball a lot and  likes to fight over with his toys and also play with his imaginary friends  .My sport that I play is Rugby , Soccer and Basketball.  My favorite sports team is All Blacks .My favorite band are  House of shem .Third my favorite food are  Wendy's,  Burger King and KFC  .My subjects at school are writing and reading . For my goals I must be on task and listen to the teacher more often .

This is all you need to write about you can use your first name just not your last name because you don't want a creepy man stalking you. Remember that you have to be at a older age  to have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And don't use all of your details thats kind dumb. Think before you do. 

Monday, 15 May 2017

Making Kesh at Tech

Today at  Tech we  made divine Kesh .It was simple, it was easy to make and it was fun to and this is how we made it, we used onions and most of the kids were crying then we got the bacon,eggs,cheese,flour,butter,milk and spraying oil. Just as we had done it was we ate our  delicious  Kesh . THANK YOU MRS HEKA

Sunday, 7 May 2017

fruit flan

Today we made fruit flan.It was easy and simple.the first step was to get the ingredients,then we put the dry  ingredients into the little bowl then we put the the milk in the pot and then we added the the dry ingredients to the milk and the we had to stir it fast so that it wont get stuck to the bottom of the pot. after that we put the custard into the base and then we had to wait until the custard  had cooled down so that if we put the fruit on the to well it was still hot then the custard wouldn't of cooked  the fruit.Then we put the fruit on when it was a little bit cold and then we were finished.It was fun and easy to make.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

My Mum : WALT: write an explanation text, using the correct structure

Today we wrote a structure about someone special in my life and chose my Mum

My Mum is loving,caring she supports me and she is always there when I need her.
My mum  loves me because I’m there for her. I’m the main one that she loves. She treats me right and  she loves me because I’m her only daughter. She takes care of when I’m hurt like people being a bully or talking about me. No Daughter and Mother never  live apart, no matter  the distance between them. My mother is super amazing and I’m the lucky one because I get to see my mother a lot. I am proud of many things that I’ve  done in life but no one can beat my mother. I love my mum even though if  she can be annoying. I cherish all those things that my mother as done for me.I love my mum because she has been there for me when I was born. She supports me. She makes me win because of her support . She’ll be there whenever I need her and whenever I need help. She’s there for me no matter what. She makes me believe in myself in who I am. My mum is the most beautiful thing that I keep inside my heart. The love between a mother and a daughter is forever.
My Mum is important to me because she is always there for me no matter what. Without her , I won’t be the same without her because a mother and daughter never live apart .

Monday, 20 March 2017

How I went on English Maven

 This is a picture on English Maven so what you have to do is that there is a question and you have to answer it so the question  is Occupation and there was a question to answer A. is Job , B. is Man , C. is See and D. is Do so which one is it?.When I saw these questions I never knew which one was it so I went for A. Job and I got the answer right.

LINK: This is a link it will take you to the site I was telling you about and here is a picture when I got my answer right.